About me

Hi, I’m Dr Rachel David, the geeky yogi

I wear many hats: scientist, researcher, writer, editor, science communicator, behaviour change specialist, yogi, sewist, knitter and aspiring poet. Sometimes I combine all my passions successfully. Sometimes I make a mess. But that’s life!

My honest, no bullshit approach to teaching is influenced by my research on the impact of yoga on health and wellbeing, and the science behind how it all actually works. I am especially interested in the connection between the mind and the immune system, known as psychoneuroimmunology.

My classes are fun and relaxed, and offer space for students to do what they need to feel good in their bodies and minds. Ultimately, my ambition is to empower students with tools that help them feel more actively involved in their health and wellbeing. I know first-hand that yoga is a wonderful way to achieve this, and, excitingly, there is now some good research to back this up too.

My background

I have a PhD in Immunology and an MSc in Science Communication. When I’m not writing about science, I design behaviour change programmes to support those living with chronic conditions and facilitate workshops to drive innovation in healthcare. If you are interested in science writing, check out my portfolio.

As an eternal student with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, I love attending trainings and expanding my skill set. Since my first 200hr training in Hatha & Vinyasa flow in 2018 (Jessica Stewart), I’ve trained in Yin Yoga (Clare Gates-Sjoblom; Jennie Wadsten & Melanie Cooper), Yoga Nidra (Jennie Wadsten & Melanie Cooper), Rocket Yoga (Marcus Veda & Hannah Whittingham), meditation (Martin Aylward) and breathwork (Melanie Cooper), among others. I completed my 300hr Advanced Training with the Shala in 2022.